The development of AMPLE was supported by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (grant numbers EP/N006054/1, EP/M017494/1 and EP/M000397/1).

The AMPLE developers would also like to acknowledge the input of Yun Bing, Tim J. Charlton, Michael Cortis, Yousef Ghaffari Motlagh and Lei Wang who have all worked on the material point method at Durham University and contributed to the development of AMPLE in some way.

AMPLE:  A Material Point Learning Environment

AMPLE: A Material Point Learning Environment

AMPLE was developed to address the sevre learning curve for researchers wishing to understand, and start using, the material point method. The software was developed at Durham University between 2014 and 2018 by Dr Will Coombs as a platform to test our new research ideas and understand the impact of adopting different material point variants. AMPLE was first released in January 2019 at the 2nd International Conference on the Material Point Method held at Cambridge University, UK.